The purpose of the article is the description of the data flows to monitor the execution of marketing or care actions issued from an action plan defined into Lifetime Analytics and the Operator's CRM / Campaign management tools.

Creating an action in Lifetime Analytics is creating a cohort of subscriptions to contact and to monitor. The cohort is defined by the cluster definition rule and the selected filters associated to the action on the active subscribers at the cluster snapshot date.

Note : the application excludes automatically any subscriptions that is already into an active action or contacted less than the configured contact policy retention period (30 days by default).

The Export function allows to export the related subscriptions.

The Import function allows to import the feedback about the subscribers (contacted, accepted, rejected, ...) to monitor the impact of the actions over the following months.

The functions can be performed:

  • manually in the application through the export/import buttons in the Action Plan details UI using Excel (xlsx) files for power users having the permissions action-plan:export and action-plan:import.
  • Automatically through the Lifetime Analytics API / SDK / CLI (see Integration automation with Lifetime Analytics) with a JSON format

Exporting the Subscriptions to contact

The exported data contains  the following fields :




Marketing Product ID


The subscription ID

Customer ID


The customer ID related to the subscriber ID

Action ID


Internal to Lifetime Analytics, related to the action



Yes, No or Blacklisted



Code of the decision : accepted, rejected or any decision name


Date ISO format




Code of the state of the subscription : BoP, gross-adds

Product Family


Values of the selected factors

Depending of the data format defined into data reference


During the export, Contacted and Decision are provided with the last imported follow-ups.

While using the Excel format, the Cluster and Actions are described into the Action plan info tab (sheet) and the Subscriptions into the Subscriptions (tab).

While using the JSON format (API), it is described using a JSON schema.

Importing the Action follow-ups after contact

The import is performed following the progress of the action and initiated by the Operator. The Import function can be performed multiple times per day or months. 

The import expects to use the same format as defined for the export, with the filled fields Contacted and Decision.

Contacted can use the following values:

  • Yes : when the subscriber has been contacted successfully
  • No : when the subscriber has not been contacted successfully
  • Blacklisted : when the subscriber will not be contacted, because it is part of an exclusion list or period 

Decision can use any code or name defining a decision from the contacted subscriber or "rejected" if it rejects the offer.

While using the Excel format, the format is exactly the same as the Export function. The field Contacted and Decision are expected to be filled with the contacted and decision field from the subscribers.

While using the JSON format (API), the format is similar with the Subscriptions.