Lifetime Analytics is an application helping Product marketing, Loyalty and retention teams to reduce churn and improve the subscription revenue (ARPU) using an innovative marketing practice with a monthly flow of well-targeted and adaptive micro-campaigns.

The main principle is to monthly discover Clusters of subscribers -  having churn, cross-sell and/or up-sell profiles - and design some marketing or care Action Plan on each relevant cluster.

A Cluster is a set of subscriptions having the same profile, as the same factors of the previous churners, cross-sellers and/or up-sellers (see What is a Cluster for more details).

An Action Plan is a set of Actions, targeting a subset of a Cluster, with a balanced business case, and monitored as a Cohort over the months after the execution of the Action (See What is an Action for more details).

Starting with Lifetime Analytics

Please follow the instructions of the Welcome message you received to reach the application.

To learn about sign-in and navigating into the application, please see Start using Lifetime Analytics.

Learning and requesting assistance

Learn about the application features in the Support site and request assistance directly into the application.

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