Sign In

The splash screen is displayed when the user is not logged in and display the login button redirecting to the configured authentication provider. Instead of “Demo”, you should see the name of your company.

This splash screen displays the environment name, the version and the status of Lifetime Analytics Application.

If you have issues here, please contact the support using the Request help button.

To Sign-in, press the Login Button and set your credentials.

To recover or change your password, you may follow the Forgot password link.

Navigating into the application

While you are signed-in, it displays the layout of the application as follow :

  • Header bar with
    • Breadcrumb : where you are
    • Snapshot date, with a dropdown list listing the available snapshot date (descending) - when you are
    • Main menu button (at the end of the header bar)

Changing the Snapshot date reloads all the data across the application according to the snapshot as of the selected date.

The Main menu displays a right side menu, containing :

  • The user name, image and associated tenant
  • Menu close button
  • Logout button (application exit)
  • Support button : opening into a new tab the support site
  • Admin button (gear icon)
  • The menu links to the application features organised by area
    • Churn retention
    • ARPU growth
    • Action plans
    • Data management

Getting help

While pressing the Help button (bottom left), it opens the Support & Help widget. You can search directly into the knowledge base or contact the support.

However, you can reach the support by email at